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Remember I told you:
"I wanna be your best sex.
I wanna be your first snow.”



Despite growing up in a small New

England town, being the only

brown girl in middle school,

I did not feel racism until

a black girl in high

school asked me

why I did not

know how

to dance



Lady and the Bear

A Lady came to a Bear by a Stream.
“O why are you fishing that way?
Tell me, dear Bear there by the Stream,
Why are you fishing that way?”

"I am what is known as a Biddly Bear,—
That’s why I’m fishing this way.
We Biddly’s are Pee-culiar Bears.
And so,—I’m fishing this way.

"And besides, it seems there’s a Law:
A most, most exactious Law
Says a Bear
Doesn’t dare
Doesn’t dare
Doesn’t DARE
Use a Hook or a Line,
Or an old piece of Twine,
Not even the end of his Claw, Claw, Claw,
Not even the end of his Claw.
Yes, a Bear has to fish with his Paw, Paw, Paw.
A Bear has to fish with his Paw.”

"O it’s Wonderful how with a flick of your Wrist,
You can fish out a fish, out a fish, out a fish,
If I were a fish I just couldn’t resist
You, when you are fishing that way, that way,
When you are fishing that way.”

And at that the Lady slipped from the Bank
And fell in the Stream still clutching a Plank,
But the Bear just sat there until she Sank;
As he went on fishing his way, his way,
As he went on fishing his way.


- Theodore Roethke

Here’s the deal:

I want this to work out.

But if you don’t want me,

can you just tell me now,

so I can get over it all.


I am

is my friends.

Above me


I have no advice

I just need to warn you now

that it will hurt you

You will soon be here

right in this space where I am

a real nowhere place

There is nothing

that I could say at all

to prepare you

Anything I could say pales

in comparison to how

I feel how you feel

A strange sort of place

absolute nowhere for me

somewhere else for you

(Source: niterote)

happiness by brightlightsloudnoises

they say the secret

to happiness
is to relinquish desire

i desire
to have rough sex
drink whiskey
set off a bunch of fireworks
play some kind of instrument very loudly
and pass out in an empty field
under the stars 

i’m pretty sure i’d be happier doing that than not doing that

(Source: brightlightsloudnoises)

American Questions


When do we stop imitating and start deciding we are old enough to make our own choices, and our paintings and pictures no longer need to look like other people’s paintings and pictures, but can just be an extension of our own thoughts? When do we finally become comfortable with being judged for being ourselves, instead of being judged for trying to be other people?  

Breaking States


Sometimes there’s no need
For such a revolution.
Can’t we let things be?

I’m not anti-betterment:
Reckless struggle tires me.



Ferrell oxen twitch

tails at dogs with matted fur.

Still, they coexist.


-Ang Buxton



Automobile roads

Canada and United States

All the red lines we’ve built

They mean more than the blue ones


I don’t know how to say this. I’m fucking gone.

I’m fucking gone. I don’t want to see this.

I don’t want to hear this.

I’m gone.



I was 


we could

start over.

You are my

favorite part

of the day.