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James Fitzgerald E. Dauber

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Dear Men,

Is today National Street Harassment Day? Did I miss the fucking memo? Are you really so out of control of your own actions; so limited in your thoughts that you can’t, for a moment, contemplate how uncomfortable, shamed, and degrading it feels when you yell at me, when cause a scene and chase me down in a public market, when you wave your hand in my face and demand me to talk to you, when you tell me to smile, because I would be so much prettier if I just smiled, as if my existence is to be a pretty thing that smiles at you when you drive by? These are not complements; I am not flattered. I am horrified and angry that our culture has accepted these actions, and that as a woman, I am suppose to expect to be harassed daily, and that I must change my actions to protect myself instead of you changing yours.

Do better. Be better. Be kind. Have compassion. Let me walk to work in peace. Let me ride the T home in peace. Let me buy my god damn groceries in peace.

And to the men who don’t cat call woman, who don’t chase women down, who don’t dictate demands, I ask you: HOW MANY TIMES HAVE YOU WITNESSED THIS AND DONE NOTHING? You are part of the problem. This is a message to you too.